Xtreme Playground

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Poured-in-Place Rubber Surfacing

Xtreme Playground

Tired of dealing with excessive wear and tear in areas with heavy foot traffic? FlexGround's Xtreme Playground Surfacing line is the gold standard in attenuated playground surfacing. It has been specifically engineered to withstand the rigors and elements to which common playground surfacing is exposed, especially underneath swings, slides and other high impact areas. 

Gilbert Regional Park in Arizona

About Our Product

Utilizing a blend of industry-recongnized rubberized surfacing and infused with a proprietary mix of thermoplastic urethane and chemically resistant color coat, our Xtreme Playground line is your best defense against early-onset cracking and granulation. FlexGround's Xtreme Surfacing line has been shown to actually increase compliance. It is IPEMA certified, adhering to ASTM 1292 Head Impact Criteria and all skid and flammability mandates. 

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