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Poured-in-Place Rubber Surfacing


EnduraFlex is a superior poured-in-place rubber surface. It consists of two layers: a cushioned base and a surface layer of TPV granules (each granule being 1-4 mm). TPV is a vulcanized product, making it better equipped to withstand daily wear and tear and color fading from consistent UV exposure.

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About Our Product

EnduraFlex is a more durable product, suitable for all-age playgrounds, and may be installed indoors or outdoors. The materials are mixed and applied on-site so that thickness can be modified to meet varying critical heights. EnduraFlex is ADA compliant and IPEMA certified.

EnduraFlex is offered in a wide array of colors. Colors may be mixed or designed side-by-side. More intricate design work, involving numerous colors and patterns, is also available.

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