Surface Repair & Maintenance

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A medium viscosity grout engineered to repair and strengthen rubberized surfacing systems by penetrating and filling the voids between a pad’s rubber granules. Can be used for maintenance and preventatively. The perfect option for use in high-wear areas such as underneath swings or at slide exits and has been tested to withstand even the most extreme conditions.



FlexCoat is a urethane top dressing which may be applied to any rubber safety surface. Our FlexCoat urethane coating rebinds the rubber granules, improving the product’s useful life. This top dressing also rejuvenates and refreshes surface colors. It is recommended as a preventative maintenance measure to be applied every two years.



Finding holes in your previously applied rubber surface? FlexGround can quickly and easily repair minor and major damage. Small repairs can be made in various designs and colors (triangles, circles, happy faces etc.) in order to create the appearance that the repaired area was part of the original design.

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The solution for widespread and severely damaged rubber. FlexTop consists of reapplying the top color layer and adding cushion where needed to improve attenuation and level the system. The old existing color layer will either remain or be removed, depending on condition, the cushion layer will be corrected or added, and a new color layer will be applied. You’ll be amazed by the “brand new” look of your surface!

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