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Rubber surface repair & maintenance


FlexCoat is a protective layer made of urethane that can be added to any rubber safety surface. It helps the rubber granules stick together, making the rubber surface last longer. FlexCoat also revitalizes surface colors and is recommended as a preventative maintenance application. To ensure longevity, it is best to apply FlexCoat every two years. 

flexcoat on rubber surface

About Our Product

FlexCoat is a protective coating system that is directly applied to the surface of poured-in-place rubber surfaces. Unlike other materials, FlexGround EPDM and TPV don't wear out completely; instead, over time, their tiny granules can loosen and separate from one another. This process is known as "granulation." As the granules separate, the top surface can appear thinner in high-traffic areas, creating the illusion of worn rubber. In reality, what's happening is that a portion of your play surface has lost some of these granules.
To prevent "granulation," the most straightforward solution is to apply a urethane top coat, much like how you'd apply a protective shellac to a coffee table. This top coat (or FlexCoat) effectively solidifies the granules once more, and your poured-in-place surface will regain a color close to its original appearance. Prior to applying the FlexCoat System, it's essential to clean the poured-in-place surface. In many cases, a simple power wash may be all that's needed to prepare the surface for the coating.

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