Rubberized/PIP Surfacing

Standard | FlexGround | Rubberized/PIP Surfacing


Our traditional, poured-in-place rubber safety surfacing. It’s high quality, suitable for all age play areas and can be installed indoors or outdoors. It can be implemented in numerous colors, patterns, logos, etc.

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EnduraFlex | FlexGround | Rubberized/PIP Surfacing


A superior poured-in-place rubber surface engineered to better withstand daily wear and tear and color-fading due to UV exposure. Offered in numerous colors, patterns, logos, etc., and suitable for all age play areas.

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UltraFlex | FlexGround | Rubberized/PIP Surfacing


The highest quality, longest lasting rubber safety surfacing on the market. Withstands daily wear and tear and color fading due to UV exposure and boasts best elongation and tensile strength in the industry. Offered in numerous colors (color mixing is not recommended), suitable for all age play areas, including water play.

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Xtreme Playground | FlexGround | Rubberized/PIP Surfacing

Xtreme Playground

A proprietary blend that is the Gold Standard in playground surfacing. Guaranteed to remain impervious to cracking, fading, chipping, peeling, delamination and granulation. Perfect for those high use areas such as under swings and at the bottom of slides. No matter the amount of foot or play traffic, natural UV exposure or common climactic elements, clients can remain confident in their pad’s ability to remain strong and vibrant.

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FlexPlay | FlexGround | Rubberized/PIP Surfacing


The next level in play, literally. Three-dimensional mounds, hills and other creations with multiple surfacing options and a concrete or shotcrete base.

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FlexBond | Bonded Rubber Surfacing | Rubberized/PIP Surfacing


Shredded rubber combined with specialized urethane binder for playground safety surfacing

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Synthetic Turf Surfacing

FlexGrass | FlexGround | Synthetic Turf Surfacing


It looks and feels remarkably like real grass. Using the same cushion-based sublayer as our rubber top systems and a superior infill, FlexGrass maintains cooler temperatures and boasts long-term strength and wear resistance over other synthetic turfs.

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Surface Repair & Maintenance

FlexGrout | FlexGround | Surface Repair & Maintenance


A medium viscosity grout engineered to repair and strengthen rubberized surfacing systems by penetrating and filling the voids between a pad’s rubber granules. Can be used for maintenance and preventatively. The perfect option for use in high-wear areas such as underneath swings or at slide exits and has been tested to withstand even the most extreme conditions.

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FlexCoat | FlexGround | Surface Repair & Maintenance


FlexCoat is a urethane top dressing which may be applied to any rubber safety surface. Our FlexCoat urethane coating rebinds the rubber granules, improving the product’s useful life. This top dressing also rejuvenates and refreshes surface colors. It is recommended as a preventative maintenance measure to be applied every two years.

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FlexFix | FlexGround | Surface Repair & Maintenance


Finding holes in your previously applied rubber surface? FlexGround can quickly and easily repair minor and major damage. Small repairs can be made in various designs and colors (triangles, circles, happy faces etc.) in order to create the appearance that the repaired area was part of the original design.

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FlexTop | FlexGround | Surface Repair & Maintenance


The solution for widespread and severely damaged rubber. FlexTop consists of reapplying the top color layer and adding cushion where needed to improve attenuation and level the system. The old existing color layer will either remain or be removed, depending on condition, the cushion layer will be corrected or added, and a new color layer will be applied. You’ll be amazed by the “brand new” look of your surface!

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PolySplash | FlexGround | Aquatics


Our latest innovation, PolySplash is the most durable, chlorine resistant and UV stable flexible surfacing on the market. Can be installed over concrete, asphalt, non-coated wood, patterned raw metal, rubber, foam and many other surfaces. Serves as a perfect blend between aesthetics and structure.

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KoolFlex | FlexGround | Aquatics


Unlike Typical acrylic systems, KoolFlex’s proprietary thermoplastic properties make it highly resistant to cracking, chipping, peeling and fading. It can also be installed over existing damaged surfaces, no demolition needed.

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Xtreme Water Play | FlexGround | Aquatics

Xtreme Water Play

FlexGround’s Xtreme Water Play line has been formulated to meet strict water play compliance standards mandated by the Department of Health and can be used in conjunction with water play equipment that requires compliance for impact attenuation and all necessary skid requirements. Our Xtreme Water Play surfacing uses only the highest quality, anti-microbial materials, and is non-porous from top to bottom.

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FlexTrail | FlexGround | Trails


Combined poured-in-place rubber and bonded stone surfacing resulting in a highly aesthetic, wear-resistant surface that is engineered for use in high-traffic areas.

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Courtscapes | FlexGround | Sports


Courtscapes is an International Tennis Federation certified court surfacing designed specifically for highschool and recreational speed tennis that can also be extended to basketball and other athletic courts. It is a proprietary blend of high grade polymers, TPV and natural stone engineered to withstand the heaving and cracking normally present on outside athletic courts. It can be custom designed to suit all needs.

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SportFlex Standard | FlexGround | Sports

SportFlex Standard

Sportflex Standard surfacing was designed for the resurfacing of minimally damaged athletic court areas. Cracking on the court is repaired with a tension-resistant rubberized compound. All SportFlex surfacing products are coated with a high grade color coating infused with our proprietary SportFlex emulsion.

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SportFlex Premium | FlexGround | Sports

SportFlex Premium

Sportflex Premium surfacing was designed for the resurfacing of courts showing typical cracking and wear patterns. Cracking on the court is repaired with a tension-resistant rubberized compound and an added layer of a Polymer infused cementitious base coat applied to maintain expansionary integrity for a texture finished system. All SportFlex surfacing products are coated with a high grade color coating infused with our proprietary SportFlex emulsion.

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SportFlex Ultra | FlexGround | Sports

SportFlex Ultra

Sportflex Ultra surfacing was designed for the resurfacing of severely damaged courts showing structural degradation. Cracking on the court is repaired with a 1/4” – 3/8” rubberized base poured-in-place over the existing surface to achieve maximum structural integrity. The base in then grouted with a high adhesion, flexible grouting compound and primed with polyolefin based primer. All SportFlex surfacing products are coated with a high grade color coating infused with our proprietary SportFlex emulsion.

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