About Our Safety Surfacing Options for Playgrounds

Playground surfacing is essential for ensuring the safety of children while they play. Falls are a common occurrence on playgrounds, and appropriate surfacing can help reduce the risk of serious injuries. At FlexGround, we offer playground surfacing options from poured-in-place rubber to synthetic grass. Our goal is to create playgrounds that are safe and accessible for all children, regardless of their abilities. 


How to Choose Your Playground Surfacing

We take fun seriously! Playgrounds are where it all began at FlexGround, and we are now masters in the craft.


1. Find the Right Material

We start with our surfacing mixes that utilize recycled materials and are suitable for indoor and outdoor playgrounds. We create the surfacing right there on site. This is important because we can modify the thickness in various places on the playground. This provides better safety, durability and design.

2. Choose a Color

Custom colors, pictures and designs born out of your — or our — imagination are put right into the ground. Colorful playground surfacing can enhance the overall look of the playground and create an inviting and fun environment for children. We also raise the level of the playground surfacing to transform traditional flat playgrounds into multi-level play experiences.


3. Design a Unique Playground

Our playground surfacing solutions can be customized to fit your needs. We can pour surfacing around your existing playground equipment or finish full playground projects with the latest, cutting-edge playground equipment that is integrated into the surfacing, rather than just sitting on it. This creates a 3-dimensional play experience for children that stimulates their imaginations and provides them with endless possibilities for play.

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Our Products

Playground Surfacing Products



Our poured-in-place rubber safety surfacing  is of excellent quality and can be used in play areas for all age groups, whether indoors or outdoors. It can be customized with various options like colors, patterns, logos, etc.


Synthetic Grass

FlexGrass is a certified synthetic turf that meets the standards set by IPEMA. It features a cushion-based sublayer similar to our rubber top systems, and the top layer, or "wear" layer, is made of some of the finest synthetic turf available.


Surface Repair 

Surface repair can extend the lifespan of playground surfacing and reduces the need for costly replacements. From grout to urethane coating, we offer many different options for repairing your playground surfacing.