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Bonded Rubber surfacing


FlexBond from FlexGround is a versatile single layer unitary surfacing system for playgrounds, walking trails and landscape. This bonded rubber system provides a more natural look when compared to traditional unitary surfacing systems. Unlike loose fill surfaces, bonded rubber will not displace during use and requires much less maintenance for compliance. FlexBond is extremely porous and with proper drainage will not hold water or freeze.


Winne the Poo installation uses bonded rubber surfacing

About Our Product

FlexBond is a bonded rubber surfacing that is great for parks, playgrounds, trails, fitness areas, and landscaping. Some key features of FlexBond are the following:

  • Single layer system consisting of 100% colored recycled shredded rubber and a single component polyurethane
  • Will meet ASTM F-1292 Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation when properly installed and continuously maintained
  • Will meet ASTM F-1951 Standard Specification for Accessibility when properly installed with playground equipment
  • Made from 100% recycled rubber
  • UV and moisture resistant

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