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Playground Mounds, Hills, & Other creations


Turn your boring playground surfacing into an attractive ground level interactive activity center that brings tons of play value to your playground. Playground mounds are not only aesthetic, but they also improve kids motor skills and make daily exercise fun! Kids will love climbing the hills and crawling through the tunnel.

Kids playing on FlexPlay playground mounds

About Our Product

Utilize a site's natural topography or create a new one and make play more challenging, whether that's creating an entire mountain, adding a tunnel through a mound, or simply adding small mounds that the kids balance and jump from one to the next. Our FlexPlay mounds are great for small spaces that other equipment cannot fit into. 

Pro Tip: Playground mounds are great for supervisors to sit on while watching the kids. The height makes a big difference when keeping track of little ones.

Construction Guidelines

  1. Depending on the height and diameter of desired mound, shotcrete or concrete form may be required. Mounds within the fall zone are 100% rubber and require no form/base. Please consult us prior to finalization of design. 
  2. If a mound is over 5' high, horizontal keyway cut required every 5', at every 1" wide by 1.5" deep.
  3. No more than 30% slope.
  4. Seams should be avoided but if required, a vertical step seem should be used.
  5. Avoid any seams if Synthetic Turf. 
  6. Extend at least 6' out around the bottom of mound to avoid slumping and separation at base.
  7. Avoid place mounds in path of travel.
  8. If in use zone, system depth of mound needs to meet the fall height of nearby equipment.
  9. Warranty may be different that surrounding surfacing.
  10. Because of the high use and play value of mounds, additional maintenance may be required. 

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