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Rubber surface repair & maintenance


Finding holes in your poured-in-place surfacing? With FlexFix, you can make small repairs in a range of designs and colors, such as triangles, circles, or even happy faces, ensuring that the restored area blends into the original design of you poured-in-place surface.

colorful poured in place surface at Hayward Playground

About Our Product

FlexFix is a rubber surface repair solution designed to restore areas of your playground surface that have granulated or cracked. It also has the ability to address areas where rubber has separated from connecting surfaces, such as sidewalks or other adjoining materials.

In some instances, FlexFix can be used to match unique designs. Whether you desire custom colors or patterns, FlexFix can make your rubber surface look and feel similar to the original design by replacing damaged areas with fun colors and design elements that preserve the charm and playfulness of your recreational space.

Whether you're looking to address granulation, cracking, or the need for creative repairs, FlexFix is the go-to solution that not only ensures the durability and safety of your playground but also the creative freedom to make repairs appear as though they were always part of the original design. 

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