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Poured-in-Place Rubber Surfacing


UltraFlex is the highest quality, longest lasting rubber safety surfacing on the market. It is a poured-in-place two-layer system that uses a small granule (0.5-1.5mm) TPV for the top surface wear course. Elevated urethane ratios bind the smaller granules together for a superior product. 

Hollis Park Playground

About Our Product

UltraFlex can be installed as a safety surface for both indoor and outdoor areas. The top layer of UltraFlex uses small granule TPV (thermoplastic vulcanized elastomer). The bottom layer uses rubber buffings.

There are many advantages to choosing UltraFlex:

  • Wide variety of colors
  • Suitable for all age play areas
  • Great for design work
  • IPEMA Certified 
  • Thickness can be modified to meet varying critical fall heights

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