Buying Sports Surfacing: What to Look For

Whether you are building a new tennis court at the local park or you are revitalizing the basketball courts at the nearby school, you will find that choosing the right sports surface is about more than just finding a solution that fits within your budget. The sports surfaces that you choose for your athletics facilities will ultimately impact the performance of the athletes who use the facilities, the safety of all users and the longevity of the flooring itself.

Knowing your options and discovering which surfacing solutions are best for tennis courts, basketball courts and other athletics facilities will allow you to make the best decision for your project.

Types of Sports Surfacing

When it comes to choosing sports surfacing, you will find that there are a variety of factors to consider. Before you start comparing your options for sports surfaces, you will want to consider:

  • The material of the surface.
  • The requirements for your specific facility.
  • The use for that facility.

Different materials will have an impact on the performance and durability of the surface itself, and you will find that the requirements for the surfacing may vary based on the sport that it is intended for. For example, there are distinct differences between tennis court flooring and basketball flooring, making it important for you to determine the intended use of your space before you make your final selection.

Tennis Court Flooring

Tennis courts are generally designed as single-use facilities, meaning that tennis courts are intended to be used only for playing the game of tennis. As a result, tennis court flooring is designed with the needs of tennis athletes in mind, often created with a blend of synthetic and natural materials in order to ensure longevity and durability over time.

It is important to choose a provider who can create tennis court flooring that aligns with the standards outlined by the International Tennis Federation, particularly if your tennis courts are going to be used by high-performance athletes, such as high school and college student athletes, speed tennis players and local amateur players. The flooring solution should be manufactured in a way that improves overall performance while also prioritizing durability. It's important to design a tennis court flooring solution that will be resistant to cracking, as this can significantly impact an individual's ability to play tennis at the facility.

Basketball Flooring

Similar to tennis courts, basketball courts are designed as single-use facilities that are intended for the sport of basketball. Whether you are designing an outdoor basketball court for a local school or park, or you are creating a premier basketball complex, you will want to make sure to invest in the basketball flooring solution that will last for many years to come.

Both avid amateurs and dedicated professionals prefer to play on basketball courts that offer protection while improving performance overall, which is why it's essential to choose a basketball flooring solution that prioritizes performance and durability. Tension-resistant, rubber flooring solutions are becoming more common for basketball courts, as they add a sense of buoyancy that protects the players while optimizing their performance on the court.

In addition, these rubberized compounds are resistant to cracking, which is ideal for outdoor basketball courts that are exposed to the elements. Prioritizing a durable basketball flooring solution allows you to offer a safer, more enjoyable facility for everyone who wants to use it.

Fitness and Multi-Use Flooring

When you are creating a fitness facility designed for multiple purposes, you will find that you have to keep different considerations in mind as you decide on a sports surfacing solution. Given the fact that the facility will be used for multiple sports, you will want to choose a versatile sports surfacing solution that offers comfort, durability and protection. Generally speaking, rubberized sports surfaces are ideal for multi-use facilities, as this type of flooring offers buoyancy that protects the athlete. In addition, it's a durable solution that will last for many years to come with minimal maintenance required.

Outdoor Track Surfacing

Outdoor track surfacing is typically designed for both experienced athletes and amateur runners. When you are building a new track or renovating an existing outdoor track, you will want to focus on choosing a rubberized surfacing solution that is porous, resilient, durable and safe. On an outdoor track, it's incredibly important to choose a surfacing solution that will ensure proper drainage in order to prevent pooling water on the track after a rain event. In fact, a properly-designed outdoor track can actually help aid in stormwater management. In addition, it's important to select sports surfacing that is flexible enough to protect the individuals who will be running on the track, as the right track can actually prevent injuries from occurring while people are using it.

Safety Considerations When Choosing Sports Surfaces

Safety is a high priority for anyone who is designing a new athletic facility. Whether you are interested in tennis court flooring or basketball flooring, you will want to keep the following safety considerations in mind when selecting sports surfaces:

  • The material of the sports surface. Choosing a resilient material will help you reduce the impact that occurs when using the facility, which can reduce the risk of serious injuries during use.
  • The grip of the surface. It's essential to select a surfacing solution that provides an adequate grip, as this will help prevent slip-and-fall accidents from occurring during use.
  • Testing methods and certifications. By selecting certified sports surfacing solutions that adhere to industry standards, you can feel confident knowing that you are making a decision that prioritizes the health and safety of all people who will be using the facility.

Health and Environmental Safety

While user safety is a top priority, it's also important to keep the following health and environmental safety considerations in mind when selecting sports surfaces for your facilities:

  • Choosing non-toxic materials. Sports surfaces that are created from a blend of high-quality, non-toxic materials will not only improve overall performance and increase longevity, but they also will be a better option for the local environment.
  • Maintaining compliance with health and environmental regulations. Knowing the industry standards for sports surfaces and choosing certified surfacing materials can help you ensure that you maintain compliance at all times.

Cost of Sports Surfacing

Most facilities designers have a budget to stick to, making it important to find a sports surfacing solution that is affordable yet durable. As you begin looking at the options available to you, you will want to look beyond the upfront costs of different materials. In some cases, you may find that a material that costs more initially will actually provide you with a longer-lasting facility that requires less maintenance over time, ultimately making it the more affordable sports surfacing solution.

Customization Options

In order to truly make your facilities stand out, you will want to work with a supplier who can offer you the customization options that you deserve. The right supplier will be able to help you create a customized sports surface, ultimately allowing you to design a facility that aligns with your brand, promotes the local sports team or simply adheres to your preferences. It's important to recognize that the appearance and esthetics of your facility will have a significant impact on its appeal. Athletes are more drawn to facilities that appear clean, fresh and attractive overall.

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