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FlexGround offers playground safety surfacing in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Texas. If you have any questions regarding any of our safety surfacing products please call or email your area representative.


FlexGround SuperFlex is a poured-in-place, stationary surface, allowing wheelchairs unhindered access and maneuverability. Heavily used areas under swings and slides are designed to maintain thickness and attenuation.




High Quality Single Pour Product:

FlexGround SuperFlex is a superior, single pour bonded rubber surface. Unlike most bonded rubber surfaces each particle is colored all the way through giving it a longer color life cycle. Flexground SuperFlex will not crack because it is a single thick layer of rubber. Flexground SuperFlex is a more durable product, suitable for all age play areas, and may be installed indoors or outdoors. SuperFlex materials are mixed and applied on-site, so that the thickness can be modified to meet varying critical fall heights. SuperFlex adheres to the ASTM 1292 standard for critical fall heights, and comes with a two year limited warranty.



FlexGround SuperFlex is only offered as a single multi-color mix shown in the photos on this page. The colors will not fade like many other bonded rubber surfaces because the particles are colored all the way through and not just a color coating. FlexGround SuperFlex is applied using aromatic urethane and an additional sealant coat is included after installation.