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​FlexTop is the solution for wide-spread and severely damaged rubber. It consists of reapplying the EPDM or TPV top surface (and cushioning where needed). FlexTop will be applied 1/2” thick over top of the existing rubber to conceal any damage and maintain or improve critical fall height measures. You’ll be amazed by the “brand new” look of your surface!

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FlexCoat is a urethane top dressing which may be applied to any rubber safety surface. Our FlexCoat urethane coating rebinds the rubber granules, improving the product’s useful life. FlexCoat also rejuvenates and refreshes surface colors. FlexCoat is recommended as a preventative maintenance application. To ensure longevity, it is recommended that a FlexCoat be applied every two years.    


Finding holes in your previously applied rubber surface? FlexGround can quickly and easily repair minor and major damage. Small repairs can be made in various designs and colors (triangles, circles, happy faces etc.) in order to create the appearance that the repaired area was part of the original design.