The secret to FlexGround's Xtreme Surfacing line is a revolutionary new grouting

system composed of an aliphatic thermoplastic composite and clear coat called

FlexGrout. FlexGrout penetrates and grouts rubber pads at their core, creating a

vibrant, strong and truly monolithic surfacing system engineered to withstand even the most harsh elements. Until now, such a grouting system was impossible because standard aliphatic urethanes gas, or "blow-back", during the curing process, leaving unsightly bubbles that compromise the integrity of the pad. FlexGround developers have formulated a proprietary compound that is unaffected by this gassing process, allowing for it to be applied in a manner that initiates complete and formal bonding of the pad at its core. FlexGround always has, and will remain, committed to bringing the play surfacing industry only the most high-quality, durable and long-lasting surfaces. This, we promise.


Elements of Design

Our Xtreme Surfacing line comes in a variety of colors, and can be applied in a wide array of designs. Custom colors and design consultation is always available. your imagination is our only boundary.

Xtreme water play surfacing

Soft, durable surfacing for your water park or

water play area.

FlexGround’s Xtreme Water Play line has been formulated to meet strict water play

compliance standards. Recent Department of Health regulations mandate all new

water play surfacing to be non-porous, and anti-microbial in nature. Our Xtreme

Water Play surfacing uses only the highest quality, anti-microbial materials, and is non-porous from top-to-bottom.

Water play without bounds

The industry’s leading water play equipment manufacturers to offer an Xtreme Water Play line that can be used in conjunction with water play equipment that requires ASTM 1292 compliance for attenuated impact and all necessary skid requirements. Your water play design capabilities now know no bounds.

The fix is in

If your existing water play surface has begun to crack, fade or granulate, we may have the solution. One component of FlexGround’s Xtreme Water Play line is a patent pending formula and methodology of grouting existing water play pads at their core.

3-Year Fix-Free Guarantee! 
*Refer to FlexGrounds Limited Warranty for Detail.


Xtreme surfacing


Engineered Durability

Utilizing patent pending technology, FlexGround’s Xtreme Surfacing is a unique combination of industry recognized rubberized surfacing, infused with a proprietary blend of aliphatic thermoplastic urethane and chemically resistant clear coat. Xtreme Surfacing has been engineered to withstand the specific rigors to which playground and water play surfacing is exposed.


No Spheres Here

Unlike our competitor's spherical granules, which are prone to failure due to their inability to connect at points of predominate surface area, FlexGround's Xtreme Surfacing line uses only angular cut granules, allowing for increased surface area connection over every inch of the pad.

What's Our Secret?

Xtreme playground surfacing

The most durable, longest lasting, highly warranted play- ground surfacing

in the world.

FlexGround’s Xtreme Playground Surfacing line is the gold standard in attenuated

playground surfacing. It has been specifically engineered to withstand the rigors

and elements to which common playground surfacing is exposed.

Utilizing a blend of industry recognized rubberized surfacing and infused with a proprietary mix of aliphatic thermoplastic urethane and chemically resistant clear coat, our Xtreme PlayGround Surfacing line is guaranteed to remain impervious to cracking, fading, chipping, peeling, delamination and granulation. No matter the amount of foot or play traffic, natural UV exposure or common climactic elements, clients can remain confident in their pad’s ability to remain strong and vibrant.*

Compliance at its core

FlexGround’s Xtreme Surfacing line has been shown to actually increase compliance (over standardized surfacing) with industry recognized and mandated codes, including ASTM 1292 Head Impact Criteria and all skid and flammability mandates.


10-Year Fix-Free Guarantee! 
*Refer to FlexGrounds Limited Warranty for Detail.


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