Add 3-5 years to the life of your existing pad!

FlexGround  is proud to introduce our revolutionary and patent pending FlexGrout  process.

This newly engineered grouting system creates a vibrant, strong and truly monolithic surfacing system, tested to withstand even the most extreme conditions. Only we stand behind our product with the best in the industry, THREE YEAR "Fix FREE" Guarantee!SM

Our proprietary FlexGrout  grouting system is state-of-the-art, and is comprised of an aliphatic thermoplastic composite, and impervious clear coat. Only FlexGrout  penetrates and grouts rubber pads at their core.

FlexGrout Standard™

FlexGrout Standard  is a medium viscosity grout engineered to penetrate and fill the voids between a pad’s rubber granules. The precise formulation completes an integral bonding and color-based revitalization of the old rubber pad. All necessary slip/skid resistance is maintained by exposure of the pad’s original rubber granules at the surface and our customized marble- effect texture.

FlexGrout  is available in both standard and custom colors to fit the aesthetics of any playground. Note: while the Standard system will dramatically improve the look and color of old and faded pads, limited exposure of the original granules at the surface will be visible in order to maintain necessary skid resistance.

FlexGrout Ultra

Flexgrout Ultra  is a granule infused grouting system designed to completely refurbish old and faded pads. Unlike the Standard FlexGrout  system, FlexGrout Ultra  is a dual coat system which utilizes both high and medium viscosity grouts, and fully covers the old rubber pad. The first coat is specifically engineered to both grout the old pad and provide a granular base on which to install the second coat. The second coat is a lower viscosity bonding agent which works to further strengthen the pad and to fill any undulations in order to create a truly monolithic surface.

FlexGrout Ultra  is a revolutionary product, able to fully refurbish and re-bond even the most dilapidated pads. FlexGrout Ultra  is available in both standard and custom colors to fit the aesthetics of any playground. All necessary slip/skid resistance is maintained by infusion of new rubber granules into the surface and our customized marble-effect texture.

Standard colors (Red, Green, Blue, Tan). Custom colors available upon request

*Refer to FlexGround’s Limited Warranty for Detail.

New Rubber:

FlexGrout can be applied to brand new surfaces, as well. It is what makes our Xtreme line of safety surfacing possible. Applying the FlexGrout system to new rubber pads keep the granules from coming loose and separating in the first place. Loosely applied granules are the primary cause of premature cracking, granulation and holes. Create an Xtreme product and Xtreme warranty simply by applying the FlexGrout  system to any new playground or running track rubber surface. 


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