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FlexGround™ Enduraflex Specifications

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FlexGround offers playground safety surfacing in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Texas. If you have any questions regarding any of our safety surfacing products please call or email your area representative.

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  • Fall Height Chart  (DXF)   (Word doc)   (PDF) 
  • Flush Mount to Wall  (DXF)   (Word doc)   (PDF)
  • ​Flush Mount to Wall New Construction  ​(DXF)   (Word doc)   (PDF)
  • ​Turndown Into Sand  (DXF)   (Word doc)   (PDF)
  • ​Turndown into Sand New Construction  (DXF)   (Word doc)   (PDF)
  • ​​Seam Transition  (DXF)   (Word doc)   (PDF)
  • ​Installation at Equipment Edge  (DXF)   (Word doc)   (PDF)
  • Tapered Edge With Keyway  (DXF)   (Word doc)   (PDF)


 FlexGround EnduraFlex is offered in a wide array of colors, including blue, green, red and beige. Colors may be mixed or designed side-by-side. More intricate design work, involving numerous colors and patterns, is also available. FlexGround EnduraFlex is applied using aromatic urethane, however, a higher quality aliphatic urethane is also available (see the “Aliphatic Advantage”).


FlexGround EnduraFlex is a poured-in-place, stationary surface, allowing wheelchairs unhindered access and maneuverability. Heavily used areas under swings and slides are designed to maintain thickness and attenuation.



High Quality TPV Product:

FlexGround EnduraFlex is a superior, poured-in-place

rubber surface. Much like our Standard product, it

consists of two layers: a cushioned base composed

of high quality, recycled tire buffings, and a surface

layer of 1/2” urethane adhered TPV (thermal plastic)

granules. Each TPV granule is 1-3mm. TPV is a

vulcanized product, making it better equipped to

withstand daily wear and tear and color-fading due to UV exposure. Flexground EnduraFlex is a more durable product, suitable for all age play areas, and may be installed indoors or outdoors. EnduraFlex materials are mixed and applied on-site, so that the thickness can be modified to meet varying critical fall heights. EnduraFlex adheres to the ASTM 1292 standard for critical fall heights, and comes with a five year limited warranty.

EnduraFlex Poured In Place

Model #EFTPV4, EFTPV5,